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a dork that that memorizes the digits of pi and thinks he's good at football.
The oresko huggged the hairy man.
by Curious George November 13, 2003
A gangsta who's good lookin', huge, muscular, and good with the ladies
"That guy thinks he's an oresko, but he ain't got shit"
by Jenny Laborshan November 11, 2003
A streetsmart thug with a chizzled body, who macks on all the ladies and don't take shit from nobody.
"Fuck off, dude. I'm gonna get all oresko on your ass."
by Clara Banker November 11, 2003
A highly intelligent, extremely buff superhuman, with arms like tree trunks and a reportedly large wang.
"That guy over there, with his buff body and smart brain, sure is an oresko."
by Ryan Skekloff Brueckek November 10, 2003

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