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The act, during doggy-style copulation, of using both thumbs to prolapse a chick's asshole as if you were peeling an orange. Picture opening an orange from the top hole and using you're thumbs to slit it in half.
Last night's orange peel left her walking like a bow legged chicken for days.
by OrangePeelTrama March 17, 2010
A surface consistency defect resembling an orange peel due to weathering and time or poor application. Occurs in coated or finished products in varying degrees. May be the result of poor quality or manufacturing or poor maintenance.
I painted my kustomized civic this wild Kia electric blue all by myself but the mad orange peel smarts.
by Joshua Moore January 04, 2006
Name of a smoothie shop with a double meaning: it is also code phrase for making out.
"Did you get any orange peel last night?"
by kissesfromjess December 29, 2009
a noun used to identify a person for whom any other pet name is not suitable. when you have exhausted the use of baby, honey, lover, etc orange peel is what you have left.
You are my darling Orange Peel, always and forever.
by bammbammHEARTSpebbles January 02, 2009
A Rope game like double dutch, but you twirl the ropes the opposite way in orange peel than you would twirl them in double dutch.
Come on Tiara, lets go play orange peel
by JJEE January 08, 2008
poundin' of ass till orange
me:look at her orange peel!
dude:damn thats some orange shit!
by Jeff Carlow February 29, 2008
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