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What you end up thinking you are, after taking a large dose of LSD.
Girl on LSD: Oh god, I'm gonna spill. HELP ME!

Guy: Oh man, you got you spilled self all over the floor. Stop tipping over.

Guy 2: Does that b**c* think she's orange juice?
by Grant W December 20, 2006
48 40
The orange colored cum of a ginger male. A girl may drink this to wake herself up in the morning.
What a refreshing glass of orange juice!
by BeezyBoy June 19, 2010
9 8
Synonym for something extremely outrageous or controversial.
Deeko: Yo, did you hear about big andy?

Wee Jim: Nah, what about him?

Deeko: He got caught dogging by fat fred's ma!

Wee Jim: No way! That's a bit orange juice! Um, what was she doing there by the way?

Deeko: exactly! Tropicana!
by davemceldontstop April 28, 2009
8 9
The code word some girls use for when they are on thier period. May also be referred to as "Juicing" or "On Orange." This phrase is mostly used because, since blood is red and not orange, it is more difficult for eavesdroppers to understand what the conversation is really about.
Kate: Ugh, I have some major cramps...
Sandra: What's the matter? Are you sick or something?
Kate: Nah, I'm just having some "Orange Juice" problems.
Sandra: Oh, I get it! That totally sucks.
by Bloody*Rose October 28, 2008
19 21
pot, in ready to smoke form.
Travis: dudddeeee, im so craving some orange juice right now!
Maia: me too!
by in_on_the_joke <3 September 01, 2009
3 7
awesome; another word for awesome
That movie was so orange juice, I'm buying it when it's released on dvd.
by skyler bagby November 26, 2007
19 23
A way describe a Newcommer or newbie to a MMORPG "Entropia Universe" Also knows as OJ's both are derogatory terms and hated by noobs also derogatory.
Whats with all the orange juice at the rig? Don't they know better?
by Aeris-Skined August 01, 2008
2 8