Synonym for something extremely outrageous or controversial.
Deeko: Yo, did you hear about big andy?

Wee Jim: Nah, what about him?

Deeko: He got caught dogging by fat fred's ma!

Wee Jim: No way! That's a bit orange juice! Um, what was she doing there by the way?

Deeko: exactly! Tropicana!
by davemceldontstop April 28, 2009
Top Definition
nectar from the gods themselves
So I woke up and expected to get a glass of orange juice like I always do, but my roomate's whore of a girlfriend drank all of it, infuriated, I did what anyone would do in that situation.......I came in her oatmeal of course :)

"Good Morning Delilah, How's Breakfast :D"
by A Stalker You Know.....Yea.... August 11, 2008
The juice thats keep you high as a kite.
I need some Orange Juice stat before i come down!
by G Moreno April 08, 2009
Blood harvested from the innocent oranges
Dude, I feel kinda bad drinking this orange juice, but it's just so delicious!
by skyebluedestiny February 05, 2011
A healthy drink made from oranges
mom: dont forget to drink your orange juice!
by Deanna!!! May 06, 2009
1. any juice, generally of the color orange.

2. juice gathered from oranges, with or without pulp
1. that juice over there is orange, but does not contain oranges.

2. may i have a glass of orange juice?
by frsky August 01, 2007
Where I come from, we use the term 'orange juice' as a sort of code for drugs of any sort.
I think I'm going to die from withdrawal of orange juice.

Hey, kid, do ya want some juice?
by Rhiddel Anonomous February 24, 2006
To completely destroy a piece of technology through the spilling of orange juice
Sorry guys, I can't play with you, I orange juiced my computer
by RaccoonOverlord February 15, 2015
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