the area thatis found between the nose and the lips or the slit above the lips. it is said in judaism that an angel puts his finger there and leaves a dent so a child doesnt remember all the secrets of life that he has been revealed during his time in his mothers uterus.

take your finger off my orno!
i burnt my orno on this cup of tea!
by CtrlAltaDel December 21, 2005
Top Definition
asked post-question to give another option or to juat say it. usually heard in Colorado.
so, do you want to go to the movies, or no?
by ssslamey March 31, 2004
Late night adult films found on Cinemax. Adult films that contain none of the three p's... penis, pussy & penetration.
I was watching an orno on tv last night but I couldn't get my dick hard.
by rizzle931 March 13, 2013
A small hick town in the middle of God knows where. No one knows about it.
Jake: Where's Orno?
Tommy: Orno? What the fuck is Orno?
by Urbanrelator July 24, 2012
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