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A mental state of being incredibly optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds.

Calling upon all the Powers of Mystical Nature, God, Allah or however You define that Power to help You in a dire crisis.
Her oncologist told her she would die 100%. Even with chemotherapy the metastisized breast cancer in her bones and lungs would kill her within a month. She drove to an alternative treatment center in Mexico which emphasized absolute positive thoughts, optimystically, along with many alternative and traditional medical treatments.

Being optimystical saved her life. A true story. Her word not mine. Three years later she is cancer free. The Power of Positive Thought and a will to battle the odds.
by Robert J. Lanier February 27, 2007
ADJECTIVE- A combination of optimistic and mystical, used when describing a person whose optimism transcends physical reality and therefore manifests a higher level of existence through higher thinking.
Daily meditation can give you an optimystical outlook in your work environment.
by Karmarocca February 02, 2009
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