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Aka Oppa

A term made up by people from ARA (Army Amino/BTS Amino)

Since the word "Oppa" is cringey for many foreigners, many people use "Oppar" instead. It was funny at first when someone came up with it, but now many uses it normally because it's better than "Oppa"
Girl: "Oppa!"
Guy: "Oppar*"

Girl: "KIAN OPPA!"
Kian: "ew, call me Oppar"

Girl: *makes public chat* *names it "Looking for an Opppar"*

Other girls/guys: "Why's everyone looking for an older brother? We have a lot of orphans in army amino"

Guy: *comes in* "I can be your Oppar but not your Oppa"

Girl pretending to be a guy: *comes in* "I can be your Oppa( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by Attention Seeker September 12, 2017
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