An female of decidedly overwrought, emo or gothic tendancies.

Refers to the tragic heroine of Shakespearian fame who commited suicide due to her unrequited love for Hamlet.
Since he dumped her she's been shut up in her room listening to The Smiths all day. She's such an Ophelia.
by Dovetchka December 22, 2005
A intimidating soul. associated with Hamlet, commits suicide, drowning in river. Ophelia's are usually evil spirits taking form of a object/picture in the real world or electronically. Many haunting are from a spirit Ophelia. They are bad spirits sometimes, if one seems to be sketchy, you better hid. They are occasionally categorized as witches. On the other hands some Ophelia's are kind, beautiful souls, put on the earth to do good. These Ophelia's aren't as commen as the previous types, but when you find one you'll know the difference.
That girl is really beautiful! She must be an Ophelia.

I've been getting really creepy pictures of a doll-like creature via text. I think I'm haunted by an Ophelia!
by Dont escaped December 18, 2014
1. pronounced "oh feel ya", ophelia means "help" in greek. it is a name given to females. this name is 1700s-style; it was a highly popular name back then, but these days, is considered an old-fashioned name.

2. many people love to make fun of this name, adding a sexual word after ophelia. for example, "ophelia cummings", which would be pronounced as "oh feel ya cummings." :D

3. ophelia is also a character in shakespeare's hamlet. this character eventually falls into madness and drowns herself.

4. someone everyone wants to screw because they wear slutty clothes too much.
1. some guy from the 1800s: i named my baby girl ophelia.
some other guy from the 1800s: cool. i did too.

2. "hey ophelia, ophelia crotch!"

3. ophelia was a character in hamlet.

4. "ophelia, nice low-cut top and short shorts."
by odie1203 July 08, 2008
A barren, bitter person who's delusions of grandeur lead to conspiratorial beliefs of personal destruction.
That crazy woman is suffering from Ophelia.
by HumblePiez August 29, 2008
synonymous with the phrase "i feel ya" or "word"
--Dude X-Men III was wack!
by Carrick Moore Gerety July 14, 2006
Used to replace the phrase, "I feel ya"
MP-"Yeah Im getting so excited for this weekend! Its gonna be awesome!"

LW-"Ophelia. Im excited too!"
by lwindy February 18, 2008

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