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Used to describe almost anything, at any time...

Also used to fill uncomfortable silences, or moments where correct words cannot be found.

(ie. Jill: I love you... do you love me?
Jack: ............ ootab. )

Pronounciation = 2 parts:

Part one: oo... as in the "ou" from "you"
Part two: tab (tarb) - resembles the "arb" in "barb"
Noun: You're a fuckin ootab!!
That test was such an ootab!
Get your ootab out!
Did you get a look at THAT ootab?!
Eat my ootab!

Verb: Person 1: What you doing later?
Person 2: Oh, just gonna go ootab with mates.

Adjective: You were ootab-erific last night ;-)
by Jason_071 November 09, 2005
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