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The sound a german prostitute makes during sex.
It can also be made randomly when you are lifting something heavy or hard work. Or even randomly in the middle of a sentence.

2. chris: ready to lift this
tom: yeah
chris: 3,2,1
tom: oooosk!

3.matt: then she gave him a rim job.
hailee: bet she was all like 'oosk'
matt: the slut.
by kinkthatbreakthatsmashthat May 04, 2011
A word that expresses joy, relief and often follows from an achievement.

Can also be used for nerdy events of other magnitudes, such as a big critical hit.

(It can most be related to the saying "headshot").
*I've won the game* "Oosk!"

"You lose! Oosk in your face!"

one shot "Oooooooooosk"
by Steliokontos July 13, 2013

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