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the most random/funny time ever in teh last month lmao.......the best words used when just made a mistake
football player#1:im throwing it to you ok shitwad
football player#2:foheizy my muthafuckin asshole QB
football player#3:MILK!!!
football player#1:catch it!you son of a bitch fucknuckle
football player#2....drops the fucking ball and says calmly....oopsy doodles
fans:lets get that stupid muthafucka.....he dropped the superbowl winning catch.....and nobody was around him....hey asshole.....your fucked now

conclusion:the fans sevely beat teh living shit out of football player#2 until he tradgicly died several seconds later
by white_boy_who_likes_rap December 07, 2006

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an interjection used when something goes terribly wrong, but in a funny way.
Oopsydoodles! I just dropped my slurpie because i was eyeing that wafflecrapper walking down the street!
by becca! and taylor January 08, 2006