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a large whore who is part chinese, and part oopmaloompa. Commonly known as COURTNEY. Characteristics include:
-wants to sleep with whole senior class (wait....she did..)
-has tendency to think orange is the new tan.
-pro tanning beds
-finds vacations incomplete without all her whores wearing matching skankinis.
-thinks the more shit you talk about your GIRLIES, the stronger you are:
-thinks every group of friends possible (even if the same people are in every group) requires a code name. ie: the elite eight. Slutty seven. core4.
-likes sticks & balls
-assumes that being oopmachina means the world loves them....(HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA)
"Im a two-faced bitch, that why they call me oompachina."
by Taybaybay554334 June 24, 2008
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