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1. A creature that a druid can shapeshift into on the Blizzard Entertainment game of World of Warcraft.

2. Oomkin has this name due to a moonkin who is always out of mana. (oom)
1. Someone give the oomkin an innervate.
by Substitute November 29, 2006
74 13
A Nightelf/Tauren Druid in Moonkin form refrenced in Wow.(World Of Warcraft)

The Moonkin form can be learnt from the talent table, heavy ballance.

The abbreviation of Oomkin is that Druids use their mana-pools extremely fast while spamming Moonfire, an instant spellcast that uses alot of mana. "oom" (out of mana)
Dude! i forgot to hotfix my oomkin macro! "oom"

Haha, that oomkin 00m'd so f@st my arcane res is 2 much 4 nubcakez..

My oomkin's mana-pool is good enough for 8 moonfires, i own! :P
by Joel Fallon January 18, 2008
8 20