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1.When your father comes in your room to wake you at 6:30am and says something loudly that you just can't quite make out.You know he is speaking words to you but you don't understand the language.oohht.
Dad came into the room this morning oohhting to wake me up for school.It angers me every time dad oohhts to wake me up on the weekends when i don't have school.Oohht-oohht Josh get up it's 6:30am.AAAAHHHHH!
by Christopher L May 15, 2005
1.The act of oohhting.To make a oohhting noise.2.A blunt signal when a boss is coming at work and you have no time to warn a co-worker.3.A loud noise made to confuse people.
oohht oohht Charlie shortshoulder.My peers and I like to oohht and bayy.See bayy for more examples.
by Christopher L May 12, 2005
To grunt at someone to make fun of them without them knowing.
when Bertha walks by i oohht bcuz of her disgusting elephantitis sized fupa that is infested with crabs
by Josh Lima May 24, 2005
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