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When something just doesn't feel right but you can't put your finger on it.
"Free beer?...onky"

"There is something onky about this strip club, all the strippers have adam's appples."

"That sentence was onky."
by flyontoast April 02, 2007
A man who also goes by Big Bad Onxxx.

He's a director/producer/tattoo artist/and more.
Known for being the host on Kush TV now called Kush Life.
Very creative and cool guy.
"Hey homie, you seen Onky lately, I want him to film my music video"

"Oh, cool man. Big Bad Onxxx will make you a sick video"
by OnkysGirlfriend November 16, 2009
Something that everyone is better than you at, specifically a sport or game.

Something that you know you can't beat others at.
No I don't want to play tennis its onky, I haven't won a game since 1990
by Smile-Oh February 09, 2010
A name used to describe a black guy, usually found snacking on greasy chicken and drinking ginger beer out of a coconut
Guess who I saw in KFC last night?

That big onky that stole our TV

Whos the onky?
I dunno, probably one of the locals...
by Benjit Hydeep August 08, 2011
Name of a big fat African american usually eating either chicken, or a froyo.....
Guess who i saw last night?.......
A big ONKY eating chicken...

who's the ONKY? dunno probably one of the locals.....
by Helen Hyde August 08, 2011
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