A Philadelphia area word for penis.
Note: This word is extremely juvenile and only used by grade school boys and men who never grow up.
"I wish that chick would just tug on my onk for a split second, that would be long enough for me to get off."
by bernard l. October 26, 2007
Top Definition
The symbol of Isis, goddess of of Queens in ancien Egypt.
Hey yo where'd you get that onk. It's beautiful man...
by Myrrha March 21, 2007
Someone who has a secret plan or someone who has extreme frizzy hair.
AK: OMG, look at that dudes hair!!

Smella: Oh god, hes a right onk
by ONKIFIED January 24, 2009
the sound that a mammoth makes.
by omgxaxmommoth October 18, 2010
The word onk can mean:

1) A person who smells bad


2) A secret plan
Lucy: Corrr that guy stinks!

Ella: What an onk!
by LittleRave January 22, 2009
someone who either acts like a pig or someone who has a little secret plan up their sleeve or someone who is keeping a secret... shhh......
Ella: she looks like she is keeping a secret... and she is being such a pig!

Lucy: yh... she does, she is such an onk
by eeerrrrrr smella??? January 23, 2009
slang word for fart or break wind
Have you just onked? I think I am gonna onk. It stinks in here someone has just onked.
by Al Castle September 22, 2007
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