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small group of people living together in dover in easter dutchess county new york. The "Oniontowners" have no tolerence for outsiders. All the roads are dirt roads. There used to be farm there that grew onions but the farms shut down and some people just contiinued living there and the land was split. There is inbreeding within the family ties and it causes disformality giving the "oniontowerns" unique features. Onion town is placed shown on maps but its roads arent beause there are all dirt roads. The kids do attened schools in the community but besides that oniontown is isolated from the community. Most people are scared to go into onion town and just leave them alone. Onion town is a scaryyy place.
- yesterday my car broke down in oniontown
- o shit man wat did u do?
- well some weird looking ppl came out and started screaming at me there was garbage everywhere and dead animals i was so scared i just ran and got a bus theres no way im going back to get my car.
by Dott February 01, 2008
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It's a town in the hills in New York State inhabited by impoverished rednecks. That's it. Apparently, a lot of teenagers started going there and driving through the town honking their horns and screaming because OMFG PEOPLE LIVE IN PLACES THAT AREN'T SUBURBS!? SO bizarre! Then, when the locals had enough of being harassed, they began responding to passing cars full of shrieking retarded suburbanites by throwing bricks. This prompted the local frat boy population to designate the town as 'crazy'.
DUDE, HAVE YOU FUCKING BEEN TO ONIONTOWN!?!? I went there with my homosexual football buddies and there were, like, chickens, just walking around outside! It was FUCKED UP!
by You are a tool July 11, 2008

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