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The mushy brown substance around the base of your cock after you pull out of her/his asshole
"When I pulled my cock out of Henry's ass, I had an onion ring that he was happy to eat!"
by oakey1226 November 15, 2002
The act of sitting above a person.. bare ass.. sealing your butt hole around their mouth and farting.
I hooked up with this nasty bitch last night and she was just begging me to onion ring her.... then we boofed
by Brant Boekleman March 24, 2008
A female's pussy/vagina.
Yo! I shuved my dick in her onion ring!
by Jklmnop May 20, 2008
A term used to describe the pungent smelling arse hole of a homosexual; after being anally harrassed by a small penis with an aggressive yeast infection.
"David Furnish couldnt help but enjoy the rancid taste of Elton's onion ring."

"You cant beat a good deep fried Onion Ring"
by Monkey08 March 12, 2008
A ring piece so rancid and unwiped, it makes your eyes water.
"i went in for a piece of rear guard action, but stopped when i found she had a well battered onion ring"
by fatgitmcnulty March 07, 2007
A perced vagina.
Guy1) Yo dude! I did this bitch last night and she had a onion ring!
Guy2) Dude that sick!!
Guy1) It ripped open the condom!
by Your Mom hahahahaha January 21, 2011
The part of a women known as, or referred to as the breast's.
Dude i totally got a hand-full of that chick's onion rings
by Razmo Teh Bazmo May 12, 2008