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Slang used in some parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta to describe a person with a mediocre appearance. The third of four different ratings: Salsa, beef dip, onion dip and bean dip.
"So what did you think of Jason?"
"Meh, he was an onion dip, you could do better."
by Toria Spencer March 20, 2008
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A remake of the bean dip. You forcefully grab the boob of the target and squeeze while saying "onion dip". Without saying that, it is not an official onion dip
Andres - Chris got onion dipped!!
Chris - Yeah well BEAN DIP!
by Bean Dip International March 18, 2009
6 4
When your ball sack, aka your onions, hang so low that when you sit on the throne to pee or deuce they dip into the water of the toilet bowl.
Been crushing beers for the last 9 hours, too lit to stand and pee, so, I sit on the bowl and as I am filling it up I notice that my onions are dipping into the rising cocktail of pee water, an Oniondip... No chips.
by smenycsmenyc June 01, 2013
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