A sex position where the man performs a bridge with an erection and the woman is on top. Appears as a lone tree on a large hill. *Requires great strength and flexibility
'Did you hear? Wagnus is in hospital with a broken back'
'What happened'
'One tree hill'
by Salt 'n' Garfunkel June 02, 2015
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Teen drama that airs on the CW. Falls short of being a television show and instead lands in a pile of hippie garbage. Consists of predictable plot lines, bad directing, even worse acting and takes place in an irrelevant place called north Carolina. You know what else takes place in north Carolina? NASCAR.

The show was voted by the united nations as the worst show in the world and therefore banned it in 72 countries.
Pamela: Let's buy some chicken and go watch One Tree Hill.
Steve: No
by dayaremmine March 24, 2008
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Horribly predicatable 'teen drama' full of the typical dime-a-dozen Causcasian jocks and bimbos.

Dawson's Creek was bad enough,but this one actually outshines it when it comes to shitty characters,wooden acting and cliched storylines.
This show is no different from any other American teen drama.Hence it equals crap!

Try somethin' new.
by Nite March 20, 2005
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North Carolina's attempt to make the state well known by creating a crap-ass melodrama delivered by brooding chiseled teens and one good actress(Shame on you Moira Kelly, what about Cutting Edge?!).
Friend 1: Oh, fuckbeans...I missed One Tree Hill last night!

Friend 2: You sad little douche-rocket.
by Call Me Yoshi May 14, 2004
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A poor version of The O.C.

But really, I love both :p
by treeehill November 26, 2006
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