A god, someone who is above all standards, makes everything look easy and rarely has had a moment in time where a girl was not present in his life
Dave is deff one in a million
by poppin my colla\' October 23, 2006
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Kick-ass song from the one and only guns n roses. axl talks bout his childhood when it all was totally fucked up, and by the way, you idiots, when he says niggers, he meant it in a way that people like the NWA say it, not in a derogetory sense, and when he says faggots, hes talkin bout some fuckin paedo who tried to rape him when he was a kid. u shud check it out if you're depressed
Dave:''Dude, you heard 'one in a million'?''
Kurt:'nah man, i just got dumped, then found out i got an STI, so im too depressed to listen to music'
Dave:'well listen to it you idiot n you'll really cheer up'
Kurt:'ok dude'
by Hargy69 June 24, 2006
Being conceived even though both birth control and a condom were used.
Dude, how did she get pregnant, I fucking used a condom and she used birth control, that's like one in a million.
by Cazo March 18, 2009
A term used to describe a moment where someone does something beyond idiotic. The term is used because it describes the fact that only one sperm out of a million reaches the egg and the fact that this person's sperm just happened to be the one that fertilized it. ie: "One in a million, and you were the one who got in"
Friend decides its a good idea to jump on a trampoline while on a skateboard, then proceeds to slip off and break his leg and arm.

Me: One in a million dude, one in a million.
by One In A Million #1 January 11, 2009

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