A marijuana smoking game in which you pass the spliff around a group and each person takes one more toke than the last. This goes on till there are not enough tokes left in the spliff for the next set of tokes.
Jeff - Lets play one up! I'll start: *holds up hand with 1 finger raised and takes a toke*

Jim - *takes two tokes and holds up 2 fingers*

Emma - *takes three tokes and holds up three fingers*

Jeff - *takes four tokes and holds up four fingers*

Jim - *takes five tokes and holds up five fingers*

Emma - *takes six tokes and runs out of fingers*

and so on...
To compliment someone, as if you are giving them the 1-UP mushroom in Super Mario Brothers.
Me: *hug* (one up)
Her: Did you just 1-UP me?
Me: Yes, I did!
Her: Aw. Thanks!
by jlpilkin June 14, 2014
Well Said! (in confo with your mates)
erm one my exes said this all the time and I know he wasn't on about anal cus he wasn't a fan of the Paris Hilton movie lol!

But if I said something he agreed with or that he'd say, "Yeah, One Up Chic" so I took it has "his" meaning was well said, or that he just agreed!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
When a couple is having sex doggy style and the guy pulls out and acts like he "accidentally" puts it in her ass.
-girl- "He tried to one up me last night, but I'm not down with anal sex"


-guy- "We were a little drunk so i figured i'd go for the one up... but she wasn't a fan."
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
a mushroom

a tatoo of a mushroom that someone with problems gets tatooed on their back
andrew cried like a little girl when he got his one up.
by titass March 15, 2004
to be straight forward with a person let them know what the deal is.
"I was one up with him when I told him I did not love him anymore instead of stringing him along".
by nikki February 23, 2005
another way of saying "fuck you!"
the term is taken from the middle finger gesture. When you flip someone off, youre holding "one up"
Guy one: Ayo, your moms is a milf.
Guy two: One up bitch!
by new slang January 16, 2005

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