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1.) A martial arts move done by Bruce Lee which involves only moving his fist for one inch near a victims body but with such force that the victim immediately suffers massive internal injuries and begin to hemorrhage out his intestines. Will shatter ribcage with such force that small pieces of bone fly out your ass.

2.) Description of a girl who is performing fellatio and is inexperienced at it and is unable to put more than one inch of a man's penis in her mouth due to her untamed gag reflex. Hence she is only able to give fellatio to the head of the penis, typically one inch in length.
Bruce lee: ONE INCH BLOW!!
*victim explodes*

Bruce lee: one inch blow...
girl: i'm sorry :( i'm a virgin
Bruce lee: ONE INCH BLOW!!
*girl explodes*
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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