Strategically and creatively using somewhat bullshit but rather witty statements made up on the fly to ease yourself out of any situation or scenario

definition 2.
bein completely on the ball and ready for anything or anybody
Wow i really like how kenny and louie are so smart and funny damn they are On-Point
by Krock jr June 19, 2010
To be dope, elegant, fashionable, delgada, stylish, sexy
Yo, y'all see shorty over there at that table, thats A. Alves and she is onpoint!
by J. Figs September 19, 2007
Meaning: good, perfect, clean.
That new snap-back is so on point.

That girls booty is on point.
My dick games on point.
by Migg Rose May 23, 2015
an awesome way of expressing how cool something is.
"yo bro, that dude bryan Reichling, hes On Point"


that band, a day to remember , is On Point
by Ching Gooda April 12, 2011
1. achieving a level of musical or otherwise artistic excellence
Bro, that last freestyle was on point.
by xchavezx May 11, 2010
To be twacked out for a long period of time. Or super aware of your surroundings, not necessarily because of drugs.
What's good with you boss? Not shit, just been on point all weekend. Now I'm trying to hustle for some locos.

Are you high dog? Naw, I'm chillin. Just drinking some energy drinks trying to get on point.
by caliconnect November 06, 2010
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