A state of mind when people can think whatever they want to think about you, but as long as you don't care what they think it doesn't matter because you don't let it affect you. at the end of the day, all that matters is that your on your fucking level bitch!
Whiz Khalifa's level: his atmosphere (girls, drinks, and weed).

Justine Bieber's level: Below his boyfriends waist

Iight fire worrks ....check
Drinks and loud....check
Girl to chill with......check
damn i'm on my level son!
by PristineSwag July 21, 2011
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your level is the point where you are high and/or drunk up to the point where you seemingly recognize and are familiar your fucked up state.

being below your level means you are not yet too fucked up, and being above your level means you are so fucked up you should probably chill out with the jager.
i'm grounded for summer because i came home last night on my level; my parents were pissed.
by sk8ergirl14 June 15, 2011

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