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What cyclists say by convention as they pass each other on the road, or occasionally as they ride near pedestrians. It is infinitely more cool than mounting a dorky little horn or bell on your handlebars and squeezing it at every opportunity. It may not be always be strictly necessary, but it is a little courtesy that will get you cred and make you look experienced.
<College student races to class and overtakes a pack of spandex cyclists, but remains silent.>

"On your left! On your leeeeeft!" You gotta let us know! Where are your manners?"

<sound of metal crunching and muffled screams. this guy will not have to say this for a while.>
by spinningtabletop January 30, 2009

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Shouted at peds, slow cyclists, skaters while passing on the their left side. Preventative against left turns.
Used while riding at speed on a bike path or streets. OnyourLeft!
by Poindexter (really) December 09, 2008