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1. Someone who has difficulty determining right from left

2. Someone who often confuses directions, and prefers visual aids.

3. Someone who has great difficulty reading maps and/or driving while listening to directions.

Can be spelt using a hyphen, if needed.
Are you directionally challenged? I told you to turn left two blocks ago; we're going to be late now!

Woman: You just turned left instead of right.

Man: I'm sorry, I'm directionally-challenged.
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by Joy Rising March 26, 2010
A colloquial, quasi-humorous term for someone who is unsure of their location in space and may even be unclear about the left versus right sides of their own body. As psychological testing suggests, women may tend on average to have better liguistic skills than men, while men, in general, might have better orientation in space, so a man who is "directionally challenged" may be seen as less masculine by his peers. If a lifelong trait, it may represent a form of Minimal Brain Damage (MBD) related to Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); but if it occurs for the first time in a middle-aged or older person, it might herald a future dementia, such as Alzheimer's Disease (AD).
One reason (aside from instilling discipline) that the armed forces emphasize close-order drill in the training of recruits is to weed out the directionally challenged as someone who is such--"S'matter? Doncha know yer left from yer right? You directionally challenged or sompin'?"--will tend to do poorly on the battlefield and may even jeopardize the lives of his or her fellow soldiers, sailors, or fellow fliers.
#mbd #minimal brain damage #directionally-challenged #minimal brain disfunction #minimal brain dysfunction #senility #alzheimer's disease #dementia #ad #add #adhd #attention deficit disorder #left #right #confused #disoriented #disoccidented #misdirection #misdirected #wrong way
by DrWhosis April 03, 2010
A downright fangirl obsession with the band One Direction to the point of seriously pissing off everyone around you.
Girl 1: Taneesha is being so annoying! She is fangirling over One Direction and won't talk to me because she just wants to listen to their "hot sexy voices" !!!!!

Girl 2: I know. She is so directionally challenged.
#directionally challenged #directionally confused #one direction #one direction infection #harry styles #louis tomlinson #liam payne #niall horan #zayn malik #fangirl #fangirling
by heirloom-twinkies March 22, 2012
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