Someone or thing that will have sexual activities with anything.
sexwith a blowup doll,a female ,a male, an animal ,etc.
by TC May 27, 2004
a sado-masochistic, homo, necro, peda, bestial, with the desire to screw anything:
animal, vegetable, or mineral!
that wierd guy you saw last week
by that guy you saw last week March 11, 2003
Being sexually attracted to everything- men, women, children, animals, the dead, your family, fire, a chair. Being able to, at least at times, be sexually attracted to basically anything your mind can come up with. "Omni" means "all".
"I watched a tornado, and somehow, I got weirdly turned on by that."
"I'm so horny I would literally fuck anything right now."
"Every weird porn niche is interesting to me."
by I fon;t dontm know June 12, 2015
Being sexually attracted to anything and everything through all history of time and space.
"Tom just admitted to being attracted to toasters, he must be omnisexual!"

"Dude, that lamp post is so sexy."

"You know what I've always found really attractive? String Theory."
by openomnisexual April 25, 2013
A person who is omnisexual.
Basically, it's a broad term used to refer to any and all sexual orientations, expressions, and so forth. From homosexuals, to transgenders, to sometimes people with foot fetishes, someone who is omnisexual will love you for who you are.
(Based off my own definition of the term)
Jimmy urine *Not confirmed*
One of the doctors in Doctor Who *Confirmed*
Myself (Is an omnisexual)
by AkatsukiLoverXDX3 March 08, 2014
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