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omneg = oh my non existant god!

computer chat exclamation for non believers
omneg! i can't believe you just wrote that!!!
by jebstewart October 10, 2004
a version of 'omg' for all the athiests out there. stands for 'oh my non existent god'
'omneg...she didnt? with him?'
'i know, omneg how gross!'
by Muse February 21, 2004
An alternate version of 'OMG'
Pronounced 'oh-am-nay-gee!', it's a short for 'Oh My Non-Existent God,' instead of the usual 'Oh My God!'
If you don't believe in God, use this instead of OMG.
Believer: Did you know, my friend crossed the streets yesterday and he wasn't hurt AT ALL!

Nonbeliever: OMNEG!
by Taniaetc March 07, 2011
Oh my non existent god.
Term is used by atheists, obviously.
OMNEG, It's raining!
by Miss Asdafs July 29, 2009
An atheists use of the popular OMG phrase. Oh My Non-Existent God.
Chick 1:Did u see that purse Jenny just bought?
by sheen13 April 12, 2009

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