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A common reply to someone who mentions anything regarding someone female on the internet. It is similar to the saying "omg, pix", except it should be pronounced without taking a break between words, and is used to show greater urgency. It is commonly accompanied by a good number of exclamation marks, and possibly a few ones as well (see example)
<jasonf> i just recompiled my kernel
<cutiegurl2483> brb, gonna take a shower
<fishnet> omgpix!!!!1!1!!!!
by ownage April 19, 2005
This word can also be used as an exclamation of happiness once a female posts the pix.
<Tomchu> Photos in the forum
<W--> omgpix
<JasonF> OMGPIX? Where?
by JasonF April 20, 2005
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