basically the same thing as "OMG" but with the flair of "geezies!"
Person One: David asked me out!!!

Person Two: OMGeezies!!!
by sexilexi13 September 21, 2010
Top Definition
omg but with geezy at the end
person one (me)omgeezy i love it

person 2 thts gay dont say tht
by reinisha January 29, 2010
oh em gee; what the eff
Omgeezy what was that
by M0RG. August 16, 2008
O-M Geezy is another was of saying omg, which is another way of saying oh my god/oh my gosh/oh my goodness.
Frankenstines Creater: "O-M GEEZY! IT'D ALIVEEEEEE!"
by Hannburger August 29, 2009
A sound an elephant makes when he is hit by a sudden burst of exhaustion.
Wow that elephant OMGeezyed hard!

I never thought an OMGeezy! could be so loud.
by CINDER3LLA January 03, 2010
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