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acronym for "one more fucking thing".
In other words, it's raining and your car broke down and you're walking in the rain and a bus drives by, splashing you instead of stopping and you miss your appointment for a new job and you're so distracted, you walk in front of a truck and just before you're smashed into the pavement, you're thinking: "Omft!!!".
by gene marks April 21, 2006
acronym for "one more fucking thing". In other words, when things are going badly it seems that everything goes wrong.
Cop (after pulling you over for doing 39 mph in a 35): "Looks like you need a new inspection sticker there, buckoo"
Me: Omft!!!!
by gene marks December 04, 2005
Similar to OMFG, this acronym is roughly used when people do or say things that are so stupid or ridiculous that OMFG just doesn't cover it. Means "Oh my fucking tard".
"That guy voluntarily burned his own hand in a bet."
"OMFT, how stupid can you be?"
by Jens Arhoj April 02, 2008
one more friggin' thing!!!! an exclamation of frustration when everything else seems to have gone wrong already.
"OMFT", I can't believe I got a parking ticket in front of the funeral parlor where my wife and three kids are having their funereal service!!!!
by gene marks May 05, 2006