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An event or object that is extremely impressive like that of an orgasm. Omazing is the truncated form of Orgasmazing.
Tim: That chocolate cake was omazing.

Rhonda: Yah, its like someone splooged a chocolate load in my mouth!
by MikeK22 January 08, 2009
Orgasmic --- yes, it's THAT fantastic!

Derived from OFFICE SPACE (the movie) --- "O" face.
Nothing compares to Cosmic Chocolates --- they're O-mazing!!!
by BudgetBougie October 23, 2007
To affect with great wonder; astonish. To bewilder, perplex.
To surprise greatly. Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.

Derived from the M&M's Mmazing commericals.
She does an omazing amount of work.
New York is an omazing city.

by Jen January 03, 2006
Even better than amazing
That oyster I ate for lunch was o-mazing
by Evangeline of angels October 20, 2014

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