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sometimes a misspelling for 'oh my'
the first dark man into england
the coolest last name ever
OMAI GOD! its omai!
the first hawaiian into england was that rascally omai
A strong headed person. Someone who know what they want and knows how to get it. A born leader. Take control of every situation and handles with complete expertise whether its at work or in the bedroom. Compatible with a Samra.
John is such an Omais, he will surely rise to the top of the company
by O Shiz July 27, 2009
acronym for "one-man Asian invasion," signifying the destruction of any potential romantic mood by an Asian man. a mild form of cock-blocking. also used to describe the Asian man doing the invading.
(Guy and Girl are talking alone together.)
(Asian guy walks in.)
Asian guy: YEAHHHH BOIIII *high fives the guy*
Random guy: Dude, you just got OMAI'd.
by repeated witness of omai-ing December 08, 2009