adj: false feeling of worth associated with a large amount of procrastination, usually involving insignificant ranting, followed by a minimun amount of work
Horatio had an omaf moment after expressing his strong feelings about pastries then using his automatic spellchecker to proofread his document.
by Jeff July 21, 2003
Quote "Everyday here I lose more brain cells."

A place where you might as well do nothing because everytime you do something, the rules change so it has to be redone. One step forward, five steps back.
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
a body of slowly working ineffectual beauraucrats accomplishing nothing but the rapid decomposition of my mind, memories and sense of self worth.
i mock, mock, mock the sugar woman who was so bitter and then i laughed and clapped an emailed houratio about the butterfly bouncers who tried so hard but failed and then i put on my hawaiian shirt and started a meaningless rivalry to pass the time and ate too much food in compensation for lack of wages.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003

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