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1. n. abbreviation for Our Lady of Peace High School in San Diego, home to over 700 of the worlds fiiiiinest ladies
2. adj. refers to someone who exudes the beauty, class, and style of an OLP girl
1. That girl is so hot and soooo out of my league...she MUST go to OLP. No one at UNI could ever look like that.
2. That girl is sooo OLP...damn she is hot as hell. Clearly she does NOT go to UNI.
by funness March 22, 2004
Acronym for "Old Lady Perfume Smell."

noun. Bad perfume worn by an older lady.
We knew Ben's grandma was home, because we the olps permeating his residence was way too overpowering.
by Afungus September 02, 2012
The short form for the band Our Lady Peace.
Have you heard OLP's new song?
by Me ; July 05, 2003
an acronym for Old Lady Pants

a nickname for a mature woman or a pair of mature women who run around spray-painting in alleys and listenng to Tina Turner, Paula Abdul and Cyndi Lauper

Cougar: "You down with OlP"
Prey Date: "Yeah you know me!"
by cassalaska April 15, 2008
(OLP) Old Lady Pussy. A distinctive smell that can be used to describe anything that just smells really bad.
Jill: What the Eff is that heinous stink in here?

Dawn: I know, it's totally OLP.
by Dynamite D March 24, 2009
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