ololo are 3 like-minded friends (hurben / shensing / griv) operating as an art production group since 2001. They believe there is an overwhelming need for innovation and original thought in today’s cultural and artistic landscape. ololo are sincere and possess a genuine enthusiasm for furthering the exposure of visual arts within the global community.
erm, have you seen the latest stuff by ololo?
by griv October 27, 2008
Top Definition
a small chinese male, floating bouncing head to signify the laughter of a young innocent child. commonly used on instant messenger services.
Sam: omgzz i ttly just had sex with a gerbal

Emma: ololo!
by beluah April 19, 2006
A tributary of the Offoue River in Gabon, Central Africa. Also the name of a tourist camp constructed near the confluence of these two rivers in 2000 - 2001 by two tenacious Peace Corps volunteers.
Once, while living at Ololo, and suffering from an intestinal infection I had to brave the bee storm outside to squirt a juicy shit. Ever been stung on the asshole? Better yet, ever had to remove a bee stinger from the dirty asshole of your partner? Now THAT, my friend, is love.
by Henry Lightcap May 05, 2004
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