"Oh, LOL!"
o lol
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
Top Definition
More dramatic version of "Lol" often used when someones insult fails incredibly. Also used multiple times for more effect.
olololol joo suck n00b
by Jim February 18, 2005
A combination of Oh and Lol.

As in someone realising something and then finding it amusing.
Person 1: I'd like to go to Penisland
Person 2: WTF?
Person 1: Olol, I meant Pen Island.
#o #oh #lol #olol #ohlol
by Joelolol December 11, 2008
A humorous mispelling of "LOL" - usually used as a parody of internet Forum users who can't type properly and/or make no sense.

In this respect it is similar to "teh", a humorous mispelling of "the" used for similar purposes.
"hey did u hear the PS3 is goingto cost $700? Im not paying that lol"
#lol #lollercopter #rofl #teh #lmao
by joeyjoejunior September 10, 2006
O.L.O.L. means outrageously laughing out loud. Used when something is so funny you laugh so loud it sounds stupid or annoys people; or used to desrcibe when someone is laughing so uneccessarily loud you just want to hit them.
Adam Sandler & Jack Nickolson in the movie Anger Management: I feel pretty! Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gaaayyyy!

Person watching the movie: OLOL
#lol #olol #outrageous #stupid #annoying
by Hypafiied July 01, 2011
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