A guy with big bushy eyebrows and medium height. He is always the last to get a joke and even then he still won't laugh at it. As soon as you think he's your freind he's fucked off with someone else, to do the physics coursework. He gives out high fives at times but generally Ollie is a dick.
Person 1: Hey Ollie I'm so hyped to do this physics coursewrok with you, wait what are you doing with charles.

Ollie: Yeah....
by The ninja assasin June 30, 2010
The name Ollie derived from the Latin meaning for Olive or Olive tree, also Oliver. It means to extend the Olive branch in peace what a joke. The real meaning is the wife of Satan. Or Ollie Ollie Oxen free which means to be free of Bullcrap! Ollie is a Malicious, Two faced, Evil, Sinful, Vile, Rude Vulgar pest, smelling nasty, Deceitful, conceited, arrogant unfaithful, ill-mannered, Hateful pig rat, wrathful, Santanic, Beastly, loathed, Monstrous,crud,foul smelling Harmful, looking for attention twisted small eyed big lip Twat!
Ollie a (Evil) (hateful) (pest)
by takethat1 February 07, 2010
The only trick most skaters know.

And they usually fall on their asses trying off of curbs and other very low objects.
That jr. high school kid almost killed himself trying an ollie on his Nash his mom got at the mall for him.
by G December 29, 2003
some one that takes a intrest into manga,anima or hentai
omg your an ollie stop look at that hentai
by kjihskjhaskjdfhskflgaujlol69hj March 28, 2009
a very sexy person, yet has a big head, (on the shoulders, the other has yet to be discovered) still loved by his aussie mate! g'day
'get ur ollie head out the way'
' oi the ollie in front move it or lose it ya wank'
by Hannah xxx April 12, 2005
an person of obscene largeness
(ie fat or obese)
Y'know that man over there, hes a right Ollie!
by fattyfattybomboomO.o December 27, 2008
the process of shredding vast quantities of paper.
Said shredding to be done with a flourish and reverence to some secret and supposed noble cause
the president didn't know and the vice president went to take a whizz, but it was done in their name.
I olleied the documents well.
by RABID MODERATE April 28, 2004
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