Scandinavian name meaning "light" or "holly", was popular in Europe early 20th century, still very common in Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Latin countries adopted this name also, most likely after watching Russian movies like Doctor Zhivago.

Olga is usually intelligent, shy person, slim, tall.
That Olga girl is nice.
by jrep May 09, 2009
Top Definition
A gorgeous Russian woman, she's kind, always thinks of other poeple. You will be lucky to meet an olga sometime in your life. She will be the most attractive, nicest and bootylicious person you have ever met, you will never want to let her go. Olga is simply the sex.
Mom: Hey son, do you have a girl freind yet?
Son: No, but i like this girl in school, she's so hot, smart and funny.
Mom: Oh I know the type, the Olga.
Son: Yep, damn.
by The Olya December 14, 2007
Olga is female name popular in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Name originates from Scandinavian "Helga". To Kievan Russ (Ukraine now) was brought with invited Scandinavian Princes around 500-600 AD. But became popular around introduction of Christianity around 900 AD. Well-known is Princess Olga, grandmother of Prince Volodymyr the Great (the one who made Christianity Official State Religion). She was the first Christian Princess in Kievan Russ, big fan of books and education. I believe, she was the single cause of popularity of the name in Slavic countries. Not many people new she wasn't from noble family, but a daughter of ferryman. She driving paddle ferry across the Dnipro River and that is there Prince Igor spotted her. She had many sons. After her husband was killed during tax ride, she rudelly punished his killers and sorely ruled country until her oldest son Sviatoslav reached adolescence and was closely supervising state offers until very old age. Stereotypically, attributes of this great princess are applied to all Olgas. Name is particularly popular among Ukrainian Diaspora. There are also male name Olga in use in Turkey
Olha (Ukraine), Olga (Russian speaking countries, Poland, Latin America), Olia, Olichka, Olyunia, Olka, Olana.
by Olunica February 03, 2010
Derived from Old Scandinavian and means 'holy'. Commonly used name in Ukrainian and Russian.
Olga is a commonly used name in Slavic counties.
by Lana050 June 28, 2006
A hot sexy girl.Shes ucrane.Fuckin hot.Her last name is hard to pronounce but who cares shes sexy.Shes not prude.Shes so hot!!!She has taste in guys.Everygirl wants to be her and everyguy wants to nail her.(if you know what i mean)Shes not a hoe or skank.Shes very sweet and nice.not sleezy.
"Hey hun."
"Dude olga Tsymbuyluk your so hot!!!"
by her man December 31, 2004
A beautiful,kind, funny,smart girl who makes a great friend. She is a lot of fun and she is very sweet.
Girl: "That girl is very nice"
Boy" Which one?"
Girl: "Olga, the one that's surrounded by smiling people"
by annakate September 07, 2014
olga was the name of a ukrainean saint and she was the the queen too
olga is a very popular name for girls, in ukraine and russia
Olga Rozvadovskaya
by olga rozvadovskaya January 24, 2005
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