Some one who...

A. is useless
B. is stupid
C. is blind
D. is deaf
E. is incontinent
F. gets stuck on or in the toilet
G. has pants around their neck
H. wakes up at the sparrows fart
I. thinks the microwave is the televison
J. thinks the smoke alarm is the telephone
K. shouts at everything
L. tells rediculas jokes then litterally wets themselves while laughing at it
M. Falls over alot
N. has trouble finishing weeing
O. shits into a bag
P. drives their car into everything
Q. has a rediculas name like Merv or Mavis
R. thinks everything causes brain tumors
S. gets goverment money and blows it on bingo
T. makes a scene in the cafe line up
U. forgets who their children are
V. hates forigners
W. takes lots of pills
X. takes up bed spaces in hospitals
Y. don't have the decency to kick the bucket while their dignity is intact
Z. have heart attacks at the drop of a hat.

Oh, and have wrinkly skin!
That old person is useless, he just crashed into that rubbish bin then shouted at the Indian cabby who tried to help him after he fell out of the drivers side door.
#elderly #senior citizen #old fart #grand parents #retiree
by crakas May 13, 2013
Top Definition
people over 65
look at all the old people.
by big k April 03, 2004
the worst enemy of skaters, punks, hip-hop fans and generaly every young person who doesn't wear a tie and a cardigan... or lets just say every young every person
ironicaly old people, especialy old men are often the worst hooligans...
they come from "the past", a dark time when everyone killed at least one person- so dont fuck around with them unless you have balls like a panzerfaust.
i kinda hate old people and i hope i dont end up like the ones you meet in the public bus
#old #people #suck balls #thats #for sure
by SgrDD March 11, 2008
Most of them are insecure and tight-fisted, have an aversion to change, are ignorant of anything new and are stubborn
Old people are selfish and should be condemned and left to die.
by weed November 17, 2004
Group of people that insist on learning how to operate a computer, even though no such contraption existed up until they were 75 years old.
Old people shouldn't operate computers. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
#old farts #retirement #florida #boca #stfu old guy
by sam sam sam sam sam sam 111 August 24, 2006
the funniest kind of people, commonly seen playing bingo, taking shits, and making old people porn
yo my grandparents are the coolest old people, i just got thier newest tape...GRANDPA GAVE GRANDMA A DUTCH OVEN
by dragonslayer1111 January 16, 2003
people from the age of dinosaurs with no driving skill who get sadistic pleasure from crushing the skin on your cheeks between their fingers. Have an irrational hatred of those who set foot on their lawns.
ignorant little boy: daddy, why did granny and granpa kill the postman?

daddy: he dared to step on their lawn; remember, they're old people, thats what they do.
#old #people #don't #like #it #when #you #step #on #their #lawns
by unfortunate grandson May 08, 2010
Usaully whating tea. In many cases they are yelling at kids from there front porch to pull there pants up. Old People can talk for weeks about the "Old Days" and most important the Great Depression. Old People are like babies they eat, sleep, and poop. Also they smell AWFUL
Whats that smell? It smells like.....OLD PEOPLE, RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
#old #people #babies #poop #great depression
by Old Person April 01, 2010
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