A Name synonymous with internet gaming, mostly the Battlefields. A virtual celebrity among gamers online.

One of the greatest Battlefield Vietnam players in the world. Unable to stay in one clan for more than two months at one time, but is still the most heavily recruited person in the game of Battlefield Vietnam. No matter how many times you shoot him, he still kills you, then brags to you about how good he is for years after. For example, Oldman killed me once a year and a half ago. I am still hearing about this today. Also accomplished in Battlefield 2 and Counter Strike Source. He is accused of hacking daily, even though everyone knows that he dosent hack, theyre just jealous because he pwns them. He does not stop at pwning you in Battlefield Vietnam. He screams at you, swears at you, goes to your house, eats your dinner, and dates your mother. He wrecked these following clans. SFI, KsM, TsB, and yet everyone in these clans is still friends with him. He enjoys telling people hes poor, then going swimming in his pool, and inventing gang signs that no one else knows. Another one of his accomplishments is making the clan QRF, which he promptly left for dead, 2 months after he created it. The clan still hates him, but does Oldman care? Not at all. When playing BFV with him once, I became so discouraged after my score passed 0-1-47, that I did not want to try anymore, so I walked up to him, laid down in the middle of the road, and let him kill me, just because it was less humiliating than watching me try. Oldman is the definition of pwnz0r. When meeting him on the virtual battlefield. Lay down, and dont attempt to shoot him, because you will not hit him, and he will pwn you, until you cry. I have seen grown men literally break down and cry, after playing Oldman for 10 minutes. Some view oldman as a bad person, whom many dislike. To those people I say, "What the hells the matter with you, I know hes cocky, but when hes that good, he deserves to be cocky". I suppose hes crashed most of the clans in existance on Battlefield Vietnam, but he made them really really good whenever he joined, and they learned how much they truely suck without him. A good strategy when playing Battlefield Vietnam, is to find wherever oldman is, and join that clan, because its not worth trying to go up against him. You will lose, and embarass yourself trying.
Oldman wrecked every clan that I was in, and I still follow him around and join the same clan that he does.
After playing with Oldman, I decided that I would become amish, for fear that he would get into the next game that I was playing

Oldman beat me at Battlefield Vietnam, kicked me out of my house, took my dog, my kids, and my wife.
by h£.Axel November 13, 2006
someone who is very old, moans a lot, and often damages his knee while playing sports, or just walking.
I'm such an old man! I'm so old!
by Marc Williams September 26, 2004
the invisible old man that lives on pool tables who changes the direction of pool balls, making them go in impossible directions. he also bends you over and fucks you in the ass while you are losing a game, and if you are winning, he has already fucked you in the ass at an earlier time for payment.
How did I miss that shot? Old man, get off the table!

your penis, your muff dagger, your todger.
he was waving his old man around in the street.
by algarve dave December 14, 2004
johnathan torres
that johnathan torres is an old man
by sillygooseberry. June 20, 2009
Retriving Oral without a boner.
Boy:So Girl, what do you want to do tonight?
Girl: I want you to give me an old man
by minimoose43 May 12, 2005
the highest title for your number one idol in superstardom
yo kevin tim duncan is my old man, so what sal, chauncey billups an the whole nuggets squad are my old men he is clutch
by Salkevin Manny tylerDemetriece January 01, 2009

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