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Exclamation: Oops, I shat my pants!

Origins of the phrase are unknown, but experts suspect that it was developed over 9000 years ago, when Al Gore, while chatting on teh internets, discovered that he had been pwned by Bush in the race for The White House. After this happened, Gore promptly ran crying to his mother, and, in an act of irresponsible imperialistic adventurism, invented global warming to distract people from the conspicuous scat-stain on the back of his trousers.
<&Tipper69> lolz... u r teh best 4 president!
<%ManGorePig> srsly! i r president????1????
<&Tipper69> OMG! bu5h is teh prezident!
<%ManGorePig> but i had at least 100 more votz!
<%ManGorePig> ...
*%ManGorePig is AFK, OISMP!
<&Tipper69> Again?
by PiltDownMcMahon March 10, 2008
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