a genre of punk that consits of posers that think that they are the best and think everyone else sucks when they dont know how to sing, think of lyrics, or play guitar
example of an oi punk song: oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi
and it has a repeating guitar in the background, very anoying
by the chigger April 20, 2004
Top Definition
A type of punk muisc derived from europe, and the early skinhead movement. Tens to have more melody then other forms of punk and more choruses. Many choruses in which obtain the word oi.
sham69, ducky boys, oi!scouts, oi!polloi, cockney rejects, cock sparrer, a major accident. are some oi punk bands.

Song: if the kids, are united, oi, they will never..
by cam77 January 11, 2006
oi punk is the kind of punk that makes you wanna start shoving people and break shit while you drink a fourty and think of a squat. oi punks tend to be squatters, trippers, and bums.
by fuck campbell p.d. April 07, 2005
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