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A rapidly growing altertanitive teen subculture, spawning from both hardcore and emo. They tend to care way more about the fashion then the actual music, ussually always re-dying thier enormous chunk of combed over hair, or cutting off the tips of gloves and taking pictures of them obssessively for online personals,(ie myspace, xanga, LJ). Many are rich suburban kids, newly introduced into the rock scene, and tend to add thier own teenie bopper style.

Many try to hug the style of straight edgers, despite thier lack of knowledge of what it is. Online they tend to add X's in everything they type or write. Thier ussually very femine, and highly into fashion.
"Hey man, you wanna go hang out at the mall and pick up the new Atreyu album?"

kid: dood why are you such a fashionxcore
fashionxcore: *flips combover* im not silly.
by cam77 January 13, 2006
A type of punk muisc derived from europe, and the early skinhead movement. Tens to have more melody then other forms of punk and more choruses. Many choruses in which obtain the word oi.
sham69, ducky boys, oi!scouts, oi!polloi, cockney rejects, cock sparrer, a major accident. are some oi punk bands.

Song: if the kids, are united, oi, they will never..
by cam77 January 11, 2006
A name for a grinding metal genre. Also used as adjectives for other genres, Thrash Metal, Thrash Punk.

Or a form of skating other then the clean cut flip trick form, one who skates destructivly and thrashes the concrete. Also known as Shredding.
Dude DRI is a awesome, Thrash Punk band.

Dude I thrashed the local spot last night, it was great.
by cam77 January 13, 2006

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