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over doing . another word for mad , dumb , wild etc. which all have the same meaning . Thrse words are usually used in NYC & the New Jersey areas
Ghetto Bird - My niqqa its ohdee hot in here
Ghetto Bird - Werdd , i feel like im Dead about to pass out .
by Bang ! May 27, 2010
1.)Overdose :)
2.)Too much of something
3.)A word used by a certain Indian girl claiming she heard it from her gangsta friend from the Bronx.
Draggggggggg, those smathers are too oh dee smart.
by RrSpRo92 December 27, 2008
OVER DO- When someone goes completely overboard with a situation. When something is just TOO much.
Oh a hot summer day: "Its oh dee hot out here!" or "This weather is oh dee!"
by blazzyblahblah618 May 07, 2010