An exclamation of approval. Something to shout when something amusing happens, such as a dear friend falling over a loose telephone cable. A phrase to randomly shout at a band at the end of every song. Made popular via the Bilge Pump song 'Observe My Crazy Arms".
Super "oh yeah" hard "oh yeah" alloy "oh yeah" head "oh yeah"
by leeds mafia February 16, 2005
What cool people say when they get hurt. add emphasis to the word "oh."
*tries to somersault over a various high-off-the-ground playground object and lands on back*
"OH yeah!"
by [insert name] May 04, 2005
the name of a big time rush song
oh yeah
by jacobishott June 29, 2011
As the great words of the kool aid man would put it: OH YEAH!!!! It reaches as far back as the 1980's
kool aid man walks by, when his spontanious turrets kicks out of no where: OH YEAH!! OH YEAH!!!!
by bawls_chix0r January 28, 2005
Word used by Slim Jim/Steroid Freak Macho Man Randy Savage!

Also The Kool-aid guy's catch phrase after bursting through the wall of two Men having Angry make up sex!
Gay man with lisp> Omg iths a big red juicsthy guy!
Regular Flamer> Hey wanna join us?
Kool-aid guy> OH NO!!!!
Macho man> Oh yeah!!!!
by Josh Spoon October 05, 2007
the kool-aid man's motto
(the Kool-Aid Man bursts through the wall)
Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH!! OH YEAH!!
Dane Cook: Oh No!
by Brad Dubya February 08, 2007
When something inappropriate is said, one will say "Oh yeah!" loudly in a cool-aid man like way. It is heard as inappropriate.
"It doesn't fit! Its too big!"
by O-hai-thur May 15, 2010

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