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Oh really? Usually responded to by "ya rly."
John: I got smacked by the pope today.
Steve: Oh rly?
John: Ya rly!
Steve: Oh noez!
by BillySlim May 04, 2006
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Part of the vast online lexicon, ohrly? is a rhetorical question and literally means "Oh really?" It is often used, however, to imply a certain sense of sarcasm or disagreement. A refutation of a previous claim almost always proceeds ohrly?
Diat: Jank is a freakin' idiot!
Britt: ohrly?
Britt: I love the Jank, but dude need to use some chapstick!
by *CLAN 4 LIFE* October 27, 2005
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"OH RLY?" is an overused internet short-texted word for "oh really?"


People often respond to this with "YA RLY"
Guy1:I pwnd you at halo today

Guy2:OH RLY?

by Jag älskar Elin August 14, 2009
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OhRLY is the short version for,
original expression: O RLY? > O RLY Owl
original expression: O RLY? > O RLY Owl
OhRLY ? Ya RLY ?? NO WAI !!!
by OhRLY_net April 24, 2011
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