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To the effect of oh fuck.
I got hit in the head. Oh fudge.
by sonofthort June 27, 2005
A phrase made popular by the movie "A Christmas Story". The main character, Ralphie, yelled it, followed by his narrating adult voice adding, "only I didn't say fudge."
Ralphie: Oh fudge!
by RoseRoseRose454684565968968456 October 24, 2009
An expression used to mean Oh my goodness
Jane: I fell and bumped my head this morning

Ukrysta: Oh Fudge!!! Do you need to go to the doctor?

my goodness

by Key -A- Sha May 15, 2014
It when things don't go your way
When trying to complete something and it doesn't work out oh fudge
by Tiny tea March 06, 2014