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1. Seemingly impossible typo for "google" which no one has never made before. (contact me if someone actually makes this typo please.)

2. Quite possibly the greatest website ever. (http://ogogle.com) No different tan google, and is owned by google. It seems as if it redirects to Google, but it does not. "http://www.gooogle.com" or "http://www.gogle.com" redirects to "http://www.google.com". However Ogogle is very special; it doesn't redirect. It's just that the page content is exactly the same as the Google page. The address bar confirms that it does not redirect.

**When trying to get to Ogogle, be sure that you DO NOT TYPE "WWW".**
Complete dumbass (not yet existant on earth): LOLL OPOSPS I TYPYED GOOGLE AS OGOGLE OOPS LOLI MS O DUMB LOL
Person on the side: You're a fucking retard.

Man1: Hey... I found a website... and it may possibly be the greatest website ever... It's called OGOGLE
Man2: WOW that sounds OWNAGE. Must be the best website ever.
by Mr.Ogogle January 01, 2009